Th Diigo list below library of online research and resources that was compiled for you to use as you develop you own projects and complete the assignments. All resources used to make the Discovery Box are cited in the bibliography that comes at the very top of the Teacher Resources section. To get into the library all you have to do is click on the heading below.

Note: In the Discovery Box you will find one cube -- RESPECT ALL WORK -- that discusses the importance of citing all sources from which you draw ideas, information, and inspiration. As well there is a starter kit for using Creative Commons sources of music and images to help with your own presentations. Your teacher may already have an online bibliography program for you to use, or you can work with the one we recommend -- Easybib -- also linked in the cube. Keep your bibliography maker open on your desktop as you research and add all intersting sources as you go along. Make an annotation for yourself about where each source might fit and what you liked about it. If later you decide not to use that source, you can easily delete the entry.

Surface Water Quality Objectives - SK
Canadian Water Quality Guidelines
Schools Involved in the SHS Project — Sierra Club of BC
Water Testing and Environmental Science Projects
The Groundwater Foundation
High School Environmental Center - US EPA
US EPA Student Center - Water
Water Pollution
EPA Student Center | US EPA
Get Wise! - 1.888.GETWISE
USGS Water Science for Schools: All about water!
Mother Earth Water Walk
Clean Watersheds
Community Water Quality Research - A study examining water quality on First Nation communities
YouTube - Watersheds 101
YouTube - The Bushell Family of Walkerton
YouTube - Watercan - Clean Water for All
Water for Life
Facts About Dihydrogen Monoxide
"Getting to the Root of Water Quality" on
Water Quality Project › Dashboard — WordPress
Clean Nova Scotia
Protocol for Safe Drinking Water in First Nations Communities
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