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Respect the work of others
Surface Water Quality Objectives
Water quality objectives are developed to provide basic scientific information about the effects of water quality variables on potential water uses such as recreation, agriculture, industrial and municipal water supplies, and aquatic life.
SK Specific Standards
Canadian Water Quality Guidelines
Water Quality
Canadian Water Quality Guidelines for the Protection of Aquatic Life help to protect all plants and animals that live in our lakes, rivers, and oceans by establishing acceptable levels for substances or conditions that affect water quality such as toxic chemicals, temperature and acidity. As long as conditions are within the levels established by the guidelines, one would not expect to see negative effects in the environment. The guidelines are based on toxicity data for the most sensitive species of plants and animals found in Canadian waters and act as science-based benchmarks for the protection of 100% of the aquatic life species in Canada, 100% of the time.
Canadian Standards
Discovery Education Streaming
Water Quality
"Worth Fighting For: People Protecting the Great Lakes" was produced by the Duncan Group as a one-hour public television documentary. The show has aired nationwide in the United States and features the narration of singer/songwriter James Taylor. Each of the four unique stories portray grassroots conservation efforts to improve the environmental quality and protect the unique ecological treasures of the Great Lakes ecosystem. Teacher's guide, blackline masters, and quiz.
Case study of improving water system.
Discovery Education Streaming
"Enviro-Tacklebox: Module One: Science in Personal and Social Perspective: Water: From the Earth for You" A growing population has put increasing demands upon the world's finite resources. Follow host Greg Grandy as he looks at one of our most precious resources, water. Greg travels from the cave dwellings of early North American communities to the major metropolitan cities of our country today in order to demonstrate the increasing demand on our water supply. Join us in this adventure as we discover Water: From the Earth to You. Teacher's guide, blackline masters, and quiz.
Understanding human demands on water systems.
"Digging for the Truth: Angkor Wat" is a five part series that shows the complex water management system established by the Khmer. It lasted for centuries but was mysteriously abandoned six hundred years ago. This documentary presents the hypothesis that the civilization failed because its water system was unsustainable when drought occurred.
Concept of hypothesis.
Water Quality Research
Researchers collaborating and sharing ideas in a Ning
Project Based
US EPA Watershed Website
Community planning
"We all live in a watershed -- the area that drains to a common waterway, such as a stream, lake, estuary, wetland, aquifer, or even the ocean -- and our individual actions can directly affect it. Working together using a watershed approach will help protect our nation's water resources."
Watershed Academy provides online training

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