A big part of this project, especially for urban students is to look at the financial and environmental implications of using bottle water. There is a growing backlash against the companies who sell us a product that we own already and try to convince us that it is an environmentally sound way to consume water. They play on people's fears about the safety of the public water supply; they place their product in schools and on campuses; they do not publish reports about what if any testing is being done to ensure the product is safe.

As part of this unit (following the suggestion of Elizabeth Royte interviewed in the CBC Watersheds piece in the 'At What Price?' cube, I would take students to our water treatment facility here in the Lower Mainland to show them what meticulous testing and purification goes on to ensure the high standards in BC are met.

Please click the image to hear her first interview. This is a downloadable file at American Public Media's Marketplace site.

Here's another great resource from a Powerpoint Presentation. Enjoy!